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HeechulPetals ~ Kim Heechul Official Livejournal Community ~

Heavens above and below, Heechul alone is revered! Undeads and Petals.

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김희철 Fan Community
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Welcome to heechulpetals, the community dedicated to the self-proclaimed beautiful man Kim Heechul~ In this community, you can post news, images, downloads; anything and everything about Heechul. Any comments, questions, suggestions, abuse, etc, please go here :D
Nickname: 신데렐라 ("Cinderella"), Heenim, Heerobbong (along with Yurobbong for Yunho & Dorobbong for Donghae), Heebongie hyung (Yesung's nickname for Heechul), "Kim Cherry" (from Youngstreet Radio)
Birthday: July 10, 1983
Height: 178cm
Weight: 60kg (approx 132lbs)
...more about Kim Hee Chul here~
o1. WWHD? What would HEECHUL do? :D Ask yourself that, okay? It should save you a lot of trouble.
o2. Stay on topic! No HATING or BASHING :) Unless Heechul hates them, too.
o3. Do not hotlink~ Host all images at a image hosting site.
o4. Use an LJ Cut when posting pictures bigger than 300x300 and for icons, all but THREE must behind a cut.
o5. Tags make things organized, and organization is A+! So please tag everything with an appropriate tag :) - Our Tags -
o6. Fanfictions are not allowed. Please post them on miracle______
o7. Feel free to advertise Heechul related sites or communites, thank you~ Please do not advertise more than once!

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