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25 January 2011 @ 10:01 am
[★] SUPPORT KIM HEECHUL – Order A Towel Now!!  

Wanna support Kim Heechul with a towel at SS3 MANILA?
There u go~ Heechul-Petals.com designed their first batch of towels with white background + pink & purple letters~

These ones are a special edition while we wait for our contact @ china in order to help us contacting a new manufacturer (we had problems and we can only print this ones u’re seeing)

So, if u’re going to SS3 MANILA (or do u want one from overseas, we’ll send it to you) we’ll be selling them at Super Junior Fiesta on 25th & 26th ^^, along with balloons, t-shirts, goodies, etc…

Here’s the new design & details

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